Introducing PERFECT ™ “Communities Re-Engineered”

Bremont Homes is proud to be the first mid-sized home builder in the Greater Toronto Area to work with the latest cutting-edge and most efficient technology in the home building process.

PERFECT™ is a technology-focused process that will produce fully functional and architecturally structured and designed homes that are built in its entirety indoors in module sequences and then assembled onsite where your home is to be located. The vastly superior construction process allows builders to participate in any development associated to a PERFECT COMMUNITY and be able to be at ease as this process works to perform numerous quality control checks on its new homes in process from a pristine, climate-controlled factory away from rain, snow, ice, wind and harsh UV degradation sunlight. Additionally, PERFECT™ precision factory-built homes have tighter margins of refinement with more accurate measurements and better fittings.

What can homeowners expect when buying in a PERFECT Re-Engineered Community? Right from the get-go, homeowners will receive a top-calibre home, built precisely with the highest of standards and free of warping, shrinkage, mould, mildew, poor measuring, bad weather or human error. The best part is that they will be able to move in faster than the traditional outdoor built home due to the efficiency of time.

Looking ahead, planned communities such as low-rise condominiums, townhomes, single family homes and semi-detached homes are scheduled across strategic locations in Ontario and will incorporate 100% of the PERFECT™ precision factory-built technology process.

NEWEST PROJECT: Norfolk Meadows

An exclusive new townhome community nestled in the Meadows of Norfolk County. This private new community will be built with PERFECT™ technology. Welcome home to Norfolk Meadows, your private and luxurious townhome community situated in a private enclave among the convenience and connected town of Simcoe County.

Where is Norfolk Meadows? This quiet yet beautiful community is set to be located on the north shore of Lake Erie, just minutes away from the town of Simcoe.

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Our Other Current Projects


Modern design meets the modern spirit and together, makes a match made in heaven! Located in the heart of Woodbridge, this mid-rise condo development is sure to check off everything one may needs to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle while living in the fast lane.

Where is Boutik located? This new condominium with iconic views is set to be located on Highway 7 at Islington Avenue in Woodbridge.

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Sky Blue

This beautiful low-rise condominium development in Wasaga Beach is set to be located in the busy and heavily desired area of Beach One. As the leading prime address, residents can expect to experience the authentic coastal life while living next to all of Wasaga Beach’s top attractions and scenery. Our refreshing and exciting finishes and amenities will break the mold and introduce people to contemporary suites with inspiring landscape views.

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Telfer Creek

Are you ready to call Owen Sound your home? We’re excited to offer a new community unlike no other! Within a picture-perfect setting, your home will be situated in Telfer Creek, marrying countryside living and luxury all in one!

Where is Telfer Creek located? This new community in Owen Sound will be located on 8th Street East.

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