As an ongoing investor with Bremont Homes and Gary Breda

I can attest to his proven track record of the superior quality of product he builds, which is second to none, and in my belief is the basis for the successful developments he has undertaken and completed. Gary has performed above my expectations and the Performa’s for the projects I have been and am involved in. Gary understates and overperforms, but not to prejudice the values being stated. What a great feeling to know that my investment is being handled professionally and with total transparency and in the end with a great ROI.



My Take..

I have been investing with Gary (Bremont Homes) for more than 11 years and 7 development projects.

Gary always conducted himself in a very professional way.

Gary’s  motto  is ( If it is not good enough for me , then it is not good enough for a new home owner ).

Gary is always able to navigate with the many challenges that all development projects come with and with Gary’s many years of experience challenges are always addressed.

In saying that his strength has always been seen in how he manages in Development projects with ease.

I trust Gary with the confidence that he is looking out for everyone’s investment as if it was his own.




My investment journey with Bremont…..

I have been putting my trust and confidence in Gary since the founding of Bremont Homes.

Gary has developed many projects with great success because of his creative mind and his commitment to producing quality homes. He is always open/honest and strives to ensure that all pertinent information is communicated in a clear and professional manner.

I have faith in the projects he takes on and I can honestly say that I will continue my investment journey with Bremont Homes.

We are in great hands!



My Humble Experience

Other than some challenges with planning and environmental unknowns that were no fault of Bremont, I was able to still come out of the deal with great results and continue today trusting in Gary’s way of finding creative ways to move projects forward.

Great Work!



Incredible  Investment 

So investing comes with risks and rewards, we understand this and trust in Bremont. I am most impressed how Gary approaches buying an acquisition with all options on the table in the event of a shifted outcome

I am very confident in his approach and continue being involved!