Sky Blue Luxury condominium living begins from construction. Elements for the Sky Blue low-rise condominiums will be constructed from an off-site, climate-controlled facility which means they will never see an ounce of rain, snow, UV degradation or natural elements causing premature wear.

Originally created November 6th 2018

In addition to this, all workmanship is being handled with precision and great care in an environment that does not see climactic fluctuations. Craftsmen are working in an indoor facility that is air conditioned and ensures comfortable working conditions.
Upon completion the building will be delivered and placed with only a few weeks of disruption to the community rather than years. This PERFECT (Precision, Engineered, Residences, Factory-built, Environmentally, Controlled and Tough) program sees virtually no dust, noise or traffic congestion during the construction process.

PERFECT’s patent pending technology will revolutionize real estate in North America. This program offers developers control in being able to confirm deliveries to buyers and eliminating delays. It also saves provides a cost saving to the consumer.
All these factors combined make Bremont Homes proud to be members of the PERFECT Communities. We encourage you to register for updates to learn more about the Sky Blue community as well as the PERFECT technology.