Some information for you on PERFECT™ precision factory-built homes.

PERFECT™ is an ideology and an advanced technological process. It is the first in its industry to provide a full circle of services from land acquisitions to the systematic delivery process of real estate property, controlling 100% of costs, eradicating delays and providing savings to homeowners with prices below conventional building costs.

The acronym for Bremont’s modular homes represents;







There are so many misconceptions, so many erroneous opinions about modular building. PERFECT™ precision factory-built are fully functional, architecturally designed homes and buildings that are built indoors in modules that are eventually assembled on site. They are far superior in construction to traditional building because they are precisely engineered and built in a pristine, climate-controlled factory. Traditionally built homes are built outside and subject to all of the nasty elements of weather – rain, snow, ice, wind and sun. By comparison, PERFECT™ precision factory-built homes have a tighter envelope, more accurate measurements and better fittings that eliminate drafts, creaks, leaks and squeaks. PERFECT™ precision factory-built homes are far more energy efficient and infinitely more comfortable than traditionally built homes.

Historically, PERFECT™ precision factory-built homes have largely been cottages and rural homes. But the times are a changin’.

Perfect Communities is designing masterplanned communities across Ontario comprised 100% of PERFECT™ precision factory-built homes including low rise condominiums, townhomes, single family homes and semi-detached homes. They will ALL be factory-built and assembled on site.

Bremont Homes as member of PERFECT is not your average builder. This is a company that constantly searches for innovation and new technology offering cutting-edge architecture and the latest construction techniques. Bremont is about brave leadership and breaking the mould; it is a company that dares to try new ways to improve on their product. They are never satisfied with the status quo.

This latest innovation of PERFECT™ precision factory-built homes and condominiums will be the first of its kind anywhere in Ontario mainly because of the process PERFECT™ undergoes. Bremont Homes as one of its builder members will offer all of the incredible benefits of factory building, delivered, assembled on site and ready for occupancy in less than half the time of traditional building mainly due to how PERFECT™ has reverse engineered the land approval process right to the unconventional way homeowners will experience home buying which is second to none.

It’s a win-win situation.

Purchasers get a superior home, built to precise standards in an immaculate, controlled indoor facility with no concern about warping, shrinkage, mould, mildew, poor measuring, bad weather or human error. And they get it faster than traditional outdoor building that is so vulnerable to the weather. PERFECT™precision factory building is year-round, never affected by weather, resulting in a clean, perfectly constructed home in a matter of months as opposed to years!

For more information about Bremont’s first of its kind innovative process in Telfer Creek community, please contact directly.